Friday, March 27, 2009

7 years in USA today.

Time has flown, it seemed like just yesterday I packed up and said goodbye to family and friends in Auckland and hopped aboard NZ1 to LAX to make a new life in America. Well that was 3-27-2002.
When I first arrived after getting through the secondary inspection by immigration officers and got my passport stamped for permanent residency and employment I was greeted by my cousin Jo who allowed me to board at her house for a good few months. I got a job at Santa Monica BMW, mostly because a friend of mine in NZ knew the owner and due to that a job was offered. Moved on to Beverly Hills BMW and then back to SM BMW after a year. I then got into real estate with Keller Williams Realty which I am doing now and working with Nick at DHH.
When I first arrived it was shortly after 9-11. There were US flags everywhere and there was and still is a lot of patriotism. Now the US flags have been replaced with Obama / Biden stickers, but I will remain open as to how long that will last.
I have experienced most all of my friends getting married back in NZ and have 1 two or even 3 kids, so I have made it back a couple of times to witness the transfer for wedding rings, baby photos and swearing in's which is nice.
Rodney Hide is now a Minister, won Epsom twice and is making headway. Act has 5 MP's. Pablo is a councilor, on many important boards and is doing very well for the people of Auckland. John Banks got voted in for the second time, knocking off the cereal king, Simon Bridges has defeated Winston Peters to take the Tauranga seat, and at long last NZ has a center right government under the leadership of John Key MP.
USA has had 8 years of GWB. He didn't leave as the most popular President, but I respect him for doing what he did for USA. BHO #44 is a charasmatic President. He is starting to feel what it is like to step into the shoes of #43 and so far he is doing a pretty good job. I will give him some time to settle in bofore I become super critical.
So BBQ tonight, hot dogs and burbon.... Bit like NZ really except that apple pie tastes better here.

I celebrated the day by buying some shares.... Wonder how much they will be worth in 7 more years?

Question of the day. If Milo is such a NZ icon and staple, why is it made in Australia???

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Greg Johnson's new animated video "I got opinions"

Just released, be the first to see Greg Johnson's I got opinions video. The animation took many months by a hard working crew in New Zealand and is very interesting. Enjoy.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Visiting New Zealand this week.

I am off to visit New Zealand for a week. Have an important wedding to attend and family and friends to visit. Looking forward to fishing, having some Bluff oysters, Kilkenny beer ( even though it is from Ireland ), couple of pies, some fish and chips, Dad's famous lamb shanks and of course a banana milkshake.
I will be attending a Greg Johnson gig at the Spiegeltent at the Aotea Center on Thursday 12th. It will be good to see Greg and Ted play their old favorites, and new hits. Tickets are on sale here. Come along and have a beer or two...
I am not the biggest fan of Air New Zealands 777's. I prefur the 4 engined 747-400. If 4 engines are required for the POTUS then they are good enough for me. I have my fingers crossed that the Air NZ management will join Lufthansa and order the new 747-800 which is yet to be produced. I am also looking to fly at the front of the plane, so if that is confirmed I will give a review. I hope my experience is better than Cactus Kate's, and I have no intention on sleeping in the nick on the plane. Every time I have flown Air NZ Business Premier I have had a great experience, except they are ALWAYS out of the reisling that I would have liked to try.