Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Conservatives win majority in Canada

Prime Minister Stephen Harper of the Conservative party (right leaning) in Canada has secured a majority in the house of commons as of yesterdays federal election winning 157 seats. It is also only the second time ever that the Conservatives have been voted in 3 times in a row. This may come as a shock for some, but logically a very smart choice for Canada. Woo Hoo.

The Liberal party (Left leaning) Previously headed by Harvard Professor Michael Ignatieff was dealt a crushing blow, winning only 34 seats. The liberal party is now not only without a leader, but is ranked the 3rd party in the house and is not the official opposition. Bugger for them...

NDP (very left leaning) headed by Jack Layton created an orange tide and made major gains. Congratulations to Mr Layton who after what seems like a lifetime in Canadian politics is now going to be the leader of the opposition winning 102 seats. Also under NDP Cananda's youngest ever MP was elected last night at the age of 19. The newly elected MP will go from working part time at a golf course to an annual salary of about $157,000 CAD per year. Talk about a quick turn around. Lets hope that the NDP can remain stable.

The highlight of the Canadian federal election for me is that Quebec separatist party BLOC QUEBECOIS got decimated in Quebec by mainly NDP and their Leader Gilles Duceppe has resigned, hopefully never to ever be seen again in politics of any kind.

While I am excited by a Conservative majority, I am more excited that the Bloc Quebecois got virtually wiped out and while the Conservatives played a part in that by securing a majority, I'd personally like to thank NDP party and their rather straight forward charismatic leader Jack Layton for delivering the fatal blow. It is now (for the next period of time) safe to predict that there will be an election in Canada in 4 years time and not before and that the good folks of Quebec realize that being part of Canada is something to be proud of.

Well done Canada.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Bin Laden DEAD

Osama Bin Laden is dead. USA has his body. He was killed about a week ago in Pakistan. The announcement was not made until DNA results had come back confirming that the cadaver was him.