Thursday, September 25, 2014

Cadillac names new flagship CT6. WHY?

The big announcement out of the Detroit headquarters ( soon to be NYC ) of Cadillac is that it is naming it's flagship model, which is due out in 2015, the CT6. Not to be negative about the great brand of automobile, but they could have come up with something better. This is a disappointment for us at Auto Reports USA.

There are a few names that come to mind that could have done the job enabling Cadillac to pull from it's iconic past:






This is to be the flagship model. You do not hear of a Rolls Royce, or a Bentley with names such as CT6, so why should Cadillac? The new Cadillac chief Johan de Nyssche, who is previously from Audi and Infiniti must know a thing or two about the auto industry, but his approval of naming the big Caddy CT6, is questionable.

Lets hope Cadillac consider a better name for the rear wheel drive flagship and that it can give the S class, A8, 7 series and Bentley a run for it's money and at least looks like the gorgeous El Miraj concept.

Old school legacy plates available in California. Order today

The California DMV has an awesome program which will enable you to order reproduction 1950 (yellow and black), 1960 (black and yellow) and 1970's ( blue and yellow) style number plates for your car or bike registered in California. This was created as California Vehicle Code Section 5004.3 and was added by Assembly Bill 1658 (Gatto), enacted in the 2012 Legislative session.

For the program to be implemented and for the plates to be made, at least 7500 of the style of plates need to be ordered and paid for. The plates can be put on any vehicle and is not part of the YOM program, which is for 1972 and older vehicles only. Currently the most popular is the black and yellow plate which has 10931 orders and will be produced. If you want blue and yellow, or yellow and black, order today.

I would like the blue and yellow plate for my 74 vehicle, since the DMV and YOM program currently will not allow me to put the original blue and yellow plates that came with the vehicle originally to be re registered to the car. I hope that we get to 7500 in the Blue and yellow plates, or the DMV changes the YOM program to enable all cars with blue and yellow plates originally issued, to be able to re register if you have the original plates.

The DMV website says that they have until January 1st 2015 to get the required 7500 paid orders of any one type of plate to start the program, so time to get cracking and order your legacy plate, or one as a gift for your friends and family.

 Assemblyman Mike Gatto of Los Angeles 43rd district came up with this bill and I like it.

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Friday, September 05, 2014

Tesla Motors to build Giga factory in Nevada.

Tesla Motors who's stock TSLA is at $277.39 will be building the much acclaimed Giga factory in the state of Nevada. 6500 people are expected to be employed with support of Panasonic. More info here.

Tesla185 TSLA Picks Nevada as the Home of the New Tesla Gigafactory
 Thanks for employing Americans.