Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain Palin 08

Senator John McCain has chosen 44 year old Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin to be his running mate for the 2008 US Presidential election.

This is a good choice for Sen McCain as Gov Palin has a strong approval rating of 80% +/- in Alaska, she has age on her side and she is a lady, as well as her conservative progressive views. This should seal the deal for the disgruntled Clinton voters who are planing on voting outside of the Democratic party this time, it should help with the folks who were not 100% on Mitt Romney, and it will be the second time ever that a lady has been nominated for the VP of the USA.

I think that Gov. Sarah Palin is a great choice. I expect a President McCain in November with the first ever female VP Sarah Palin.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

McCains VP???

So... Sen Obama has made a strong choice in Sen Biden for VP, who will John McCain pick?

I think that there are a couple of options. Mitt Romney seems to be the most preferred as he is rather strong on the economy, is a successful businessman and was popular in the nominations. He had a few head butts with Sen McCain at the beginning, but they'd make a strong team. Will having a Mormon VP put the ever important conservative league of the Republican party off though?

Secretary of State Rice has been mentioned although it will probably be a long shot. She has mentioned she is not interested (but so had Biden), but she'd do a great job. She appears to be single and there has never been a Lady VP, a black VP or a single VP in history (with certain exceptions), so having Sec Rice as VP would break all the records. Might look like a continuation of the Bush Cheney administration though???Gov Charlie Crist of Florida. He is a strong support of John McCain and also is a popular Governor in a state with 27 Electoral college votes which would be handy..... He has a similar look to John McCain and is engaged to be married soon. Governor Huckabee.... Mike Huckabee is a very charasmatic fellow. He has got a great sense of humor, he has been a successful and popular Governor of Arkansas and he appeals to the conservatives having been a Baptist Minister in the past. He plays in a rock bank and is very likable. He'd make a fantastic VP in my opinion, but can he pull as many votes for McCain as Romney would?Sen Lieberman and Sen McCain are very good friends. Sen Lieberman was Al Gore's VP choice in 2000 which was unsuccessful. Sen Lieberman is an Independant who votes with the Democratic causus and has been very outspoken for John McCain. I am not sure that it is necessarily a good idea to have Sen Lieberman as VP. If he is not VP and McCain wins I would be sure that he will be in President McCain's cabinet.What about this wild card.........???Anything is possible in US politics.......

Obama Biden 08

Sen Obama has made his decision. His VP candidate is Sen Biden of Deleware. As I mentioned below, I do like Sen Biden, he does shoot from the hip, he makes the odd faux pas which is human and he has a sence of humor. He is also rather strong on defence and has been working with John McCain for over 25 years in the Senate. This will be interesting.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

ACT party list. Beryl Good #20

ACT has released it's party list today. It looks good although #5 is still blank. It will be interesting to see who fills the position.... Rumors persist that it may be Sir Bob Jones, Richard Prebble, Muriel Newman or another wildcard. It seems that the spot was for Kenneth Wang but he is looking to contest Botany against Pansy Wong.

It is also nice to see that my Mother Beryl Good is #20 on the list. She is actively and diligently canvassing for the Party Vote for ACT in Rodney District and is working hard to get the message across that a Party Vote for ACT will make a difference.

All the best to ACT and National in this coming election. Together they can truly take NZ to a new level..... It is time for change.

Who will Obama chose?

While my support is behind John McCain for the 2008 Presidential elections, it is going to be a close one and probably one of the most exciting US Presidential elections in quite some time. Sen Obama is a charismatic person who can make a great speech. He is admired and if he is to be elected President in November ( John will win ), I'd like him to choose someone as V.P who I think would be good at the job. The rumor is that he will be making his choise tomorrow morning and I'd be impressed if he chose Sen Biden. Lets see what happens.

Monday, August 04, 2008

ACT gaining momentum!

According to the latest Roy Morgan poll ACT NZ and Labour is up in the polls, with NZ First and National losing some support. These polls are not 100% accurate and don't sample a large amount of people, so it's not time to make presumptuous suggestions as yet. But if the positivity keeps going for ACT, then there is a very good chance that ACT could be the backbone for National after this coming election. Now that would be a step in the right direction for all New Zealander's.