Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Giuliani and Edwards end their race for President

Former NYC Mayor and previous Republican front runner for the Presidential Elections, Rudy Giuliani is to end his quest for the Republican nomination today. He is set to endorse Sen John McCain of Arizona. He seemed to put all of his eggs in one basket in campaigning hard in Florida while ignoring most of the other states in the Republican Primaries. He needed to win Florida to get momentum for super duper Tuesday next week. He didn't win Florida, John McCain did. Maybe there will be a job as Attorney General in the McCain Whitehouse for Rudy? This leaves Former Governor Willard (Mitt) Romney, Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and Sen John McCain as the serious contenders with Rep. Ron Paul hanging in there like relatives looking for a slice of the inheritance.
Former Senator and VP Candidate in the 2004 elections John Edwards is dropping out of the Democratic run. He has not won any States to date and is bowing out graciously. No word on who he will endorse, but I am having a suspicion that it may be Sen Obama. Time will tell, there is a 50% chance that I am right. This leaves Sen Obama and Sen Clinton as the two Democratic candidates duking it out to become the Presidential nominee.
Super duper Tuesday is going to be an interesting day in US Politics. Anything is possible.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cr. Bhatnagar considers retracting his comments

Further to my post below about Cr. Aaron Bhatnagar making the statement that a future development in Orakei looks like "East Germany by the sea". I have noticed on his blog that he is considering retracting his comment for this one......

"If Paris Hilton and Mohammed Al-Fayed were locked in a room and told they were not to be released until they had co-designed a set of apartment blocks, then the garages for the fleet of pink Bentley convertibles would probably look a little like what is proposed for the end of Orakei Rd."

While this is certainly not a compliment in any sense of the word, his comments may well raise peoples interest in the project as something that are worthy of a pink Bentley convertible to reside at?

It does appear that Miss Hilton drives a blue Bentley GTC........

Sunday, January 20, 2008

"East Germany by the sea" Quote of the day.

Upon reading the NZHerald online this morning, I came across todays quote of the day which had me chuckling for a while.

It appears that developer Mr Tony Gapes plans to build 146 apartments on the water's edge at Orakei in Auckland. It seems that there is about 500 folk who find this to be not such a good idea.

Mr Gapes will start a two-week public hearing today for resource consent before many of the opponents give evidence against what local Councillor Aaron Bhatnagar has called "East Germany by the sea".

I can just imagine the developers and designers delight in having created designs on something so unique in the Southern Hemisphere.

Friday, January 18, 2008

My take on the upcoming US presidential elections

It has been some time since I sat down and made a concerted effort to prepare an entry to this blog. I feel that now is as good a time as any. We have the primaries happening all over the place for the upcoming elections in NOVEMBER for the President of the United States of America, and that will be the primary topic I will be discussing.

Firstly, I have taken the time to watch as many of the televised debates (both Democratic and Republican) that I have known about, there seems to be one or two every week at the moment. The more I watch these guys in action the more I feel that I am an independent. There is good from both sides, and negativity on both sides, but it really comes down to who I think is the best person to represent the USA on the world stage at this critical time, and who is less likely to make a mockery of the Presidency. A lot of it comes down to the person who will be the best Diplomat, with the best personality who is not going to whimper when important decisions need to be made.

Secondly I really feel that the Democrats and Republicans are a similar person with different hats. When you put the candidates next to each other with exception of a few differences (some fundamental) they could be running a stump speech for either party. Really it comes down to weather you feel that the war in Iraq should end forthwith, or not. Weather you think abortion should be legal, or not. Weather you think that there should be tax cuts, or not. Weather you think we should create a energy independence and how fast you can do it, and if you think that the Immigration policy (particularly for folks from Mexico) should be altered.

When it comes to the war in Iraq there are candidates from both sides that call for an immediate end. I am sure that there is only a small percentage of people living in the USA that thinks it should carry on for years to come, and I bet if GWB would admit to wanting to stop the whole thing if there was a plan to do so. Thing is is that there doesn't appear to be one. That being the case the next President needs to know what they are doing when it comes to this. Pledging that all of the troops will be out by the end of 2009 may not necessarily be the wisest thing for the troops, for the country (Iraq and USA) and for the security of the Middle East. For this subject, I believe John McCain would be the best candidate for President of the USA.

On the abortion Issue, I think it should be left up to the individual States to make their mind up. Although it is legal in most cases if the traditional Republican base had their way it would be an illegal process. I am sure that there are many Republicans that think it should be the ladies right to choose, they just can't say it if they really want to win. I don't think it should be an issue. For this subject I would need to vote for a Democratic candidate. In this case Barack Obama.

Tax cuts are a good thing in most circumstances. Tax cuts drive the economy, allow people to spend more of their own funds and if done correctly provide more tax revenue for the government that before the cut. Thing is that here in the good old USA there are a lot of loopholes that allow you to write everything off and lower the tax you pay. There are a lot of particular loopholes for corporations (so I understand) I believe in tax cuts if it is fair for everyone and isn't going to allow the extremely wealthy companies and individuals to have a specific benefit over those who are not wealthy. If you spent time on the ground in California, you will know that there are a LOT of homeless people and a lot of uncared for Veterans. They are basically John and Jane Doe's who would cost too much to help. If you break your leg while visiting USA and you forgot to get health insurance, you best mortgage the house (or sell it) to pay for your care. People go bankrupt in USA over medical bills which in other parts of the world would not be a big deal because of government medicine. The other thing that is in the hole is Social Security. It will be bankrupt in the not to distant future if changes are not made. These changes will need to be bi-partisan, but the President will need to be a phenomenal negotiator with big balls to sort this one out. It is impossible for the government of the USA to do anything about the homeless and the medical system without creating the revenue stream for it, social security has been pillaged and both sides are to blame. The person I would be happy handling these situations as the President on the USA is a tie between John McCain and Barack Obama.

All of the candidates think we should bump up the energy independence and lower our reliance on foreign entities. I think it is a major issue that all candidates take seriously. I thought the Bill Richardson the previous Secretary of Energy under #42 would have been a good one for this, but he pulled out of the running. Mit Romney wants to revive the auto industry in Detroit ( a state where his father was Governor) and the only way to do that is with world class energy technology. I will remain neutral on this one as if any candidate is telling 50% of the truth of what they are saying in the public domain, they all will make a difference in Energy policy. I do like the way Gov Huckabee says he will have USA energy independent by the time his second term is finished..... If with a bit more research that is possible, he may be the one.

Immigration is an interesting one. There is a lot of blood splattering all over the place with this one. It is beyond me why there is not a fence the length of the border of Mexico. It is clear that the illegal immigrants are creating a strain on the system. I can understand why they all want to be here, but it is ILLEGAL. I am not sure who to believe on this one really. There is NO WAY that anyone wants to allow an amnesty as the 40th President of the USA did. That really caused the problem that is here now. I think John McCain is trying to work something out that is fair, but most people didn't like it. I think Rudy has the right idea with tamper proof cards for foreigners. I actually came up with that idea with an old colleague of mine not so long ago. Change in immigration is necessary. The President who vows to build the fence and do something believable about the problem is going to be the best person for the job. Once again Gov Huckabee is looking strong in this area.It is going to be interesting tomorrow with the South Carolina primary Republican wise. Gov Huckabee is beginning to surge, McCain is strong, Romney is not doing too bad and Rudy needs a win along with Fred Thompson, or it will be endorse your favorite friend and get out. Rudy has gone down in the polls faster than you can imagine, but he says he is saving himself for Florida. I think he is treading water. Thompson was rather good in the Fox debate last week, but I think he will need to pull out something that no one has seen before to get ahead. In the Republicans I see it as a 3 way possibility for the nomination.

Senator John McCain
Governor Mike Huckabee
Governor Mit Romney.

I still stand by my remarks in an earlier blog that I would like John McCain to be President and Mike Huckabee to be Vice President on the Republican side.

With the Democrats. I see it as a 2 way race.

Senator Hillary Clinton
Senator Barack Obama

I think both are capable, but it really is time for change.

I would like Barack Obama for President with Joe Biden for VP. I think that Bill Richardson would once again make a good Secretary of Energy.

Lets see what happens tomorrow in South Carolina............. Super Duper Tuesday and during the nominations. This is interesting times in the world of US politics.