Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fancy a vacation to Chernobyl?

People are looking for more an adventure when they go on vacation these days. Now you can pay someone to take you to Chernobyl and experience high radiation levels and an abandoned 1986 Soviet era town.

Fun times!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Garrett got whacked... Woop di doo.

ACT MP David Garrett got into an altercation in Tonga over someones ex wife and got whacked causing his jaw to be broken... All before he entered Parliament.

Woop di doo. Whats the big deal?

Seems possible that a jealous ex husband after possibly drinking, didn't like Mr Garrett's possible attention to his ex wife and whacked him. Garrett then flew back to Auckland and got medical attention at Middlemore.

Not very becoming behavior of a Doctor I must say.

While it is a point of entertainment for some, when David Garrett returned to Tonga he pressed charged against the whacker, who not to let Garrett get the better of him did the same and pressed charges back. The whacker was fined $100 and David Garrett was fined $10 which seems like the Judge found the whacker to be 90% to blame and Garrett 10% of the blame.

This should have NOTHING to do with David Garrett MP's job at hand with the ACT party. He seems to be an effective MP who gets things done.

If it was the other way around and the whacker was the whackee then there may be something to discuss, but that was not the case.

While he can be a bit gruff at times, let David Garrett MP do his job.

TV shows to watch!!!

I recommend that you watch these shows as I like them!


Rookie Blue

The Big C

British teen banned from USA for life for sending #44 a rude email.

A 17 year old British teenager had a few pints, watched a documentary about 9/11 on the TV and decided to send President Obama an email.

The email called the President an untoward name or two and to the teenagers surprise, the FBI wasn't excited about his email and sent the local Police over to take a snapshot.

Needless to say the teenagers parents are not to happy that he has now been barred from visiting USA for life.

Guess he best be careful who he sends an email to when he is intoxicated!!!


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Teton Pass Ski Resort Choteau Montana

Distinctive Holiday Homes CEO Nick Wood has recently purchased Teton Pass Ski Resort in Choteau Montana and is in the process of thoroughly renovating the ski area.

Choteau Montana is about 91 miles from the Canadian boarder to the North, 253 Miles from Calgary Alberta and 890 miles North of Denver Colorado. The town is beautiful, has about 1800 residents and reminds me of how the West end of Aspen would have been some time ago (but without the billionaire prices)

The ski area is on just over 400 acres of US Forestry land and in the words of CEO is comparable to some of the best skiing areas he has seen. The property is getting totally renovated from the lifts, to the restaurant and bar. New ski runs have already been added and the grand opening is to be towards the end of November 2010.

If you are a ski and snowboard adventurer, be sure to consider Teton Pass Ski Resort for your next vacation. The daily rates and rentals are in the affordable range and nice accommodation in Choteau can be reserved at less than $100 USD per day.
A shuttle bus will collect skiers and snowboarders with pre purchased lift passes from Great Falls Airport and take you the 52 miles +/- to Choteau. From there a shuttle will be provided to folks going to and from the Ski area which is about 30 miles away.

The restaurant will be making good hearty mountain food and the bar will provide you with your choice of beverage after a hard day on the slopes.

As the evening proceeds along there will be entertainment with live bands and music for your enjoyment. Teton Pass Ski Resort is going to be a fun, enjoyable and affordable destination in the heart of Montana.

Get your ski passes online, book your airline tickets and I hope to see you there at New Years 2010/2011.

Updated blog September 12 2010

Hello. Updated the template of today. Managed to lose all of the links I had associated with the old template, so I have some work ahead of me to get them back. Having said that we are freshened up and ready to rock and roll. Come back soon.