Friday, July 21, 2006

Greg Johnson: Anyone can say goodbye

Gregory Johnson who has been living in sunny Santa Monica California for the last 5 years, has just released in NZ his new album "Anyone can say goodbye". He recorded it here in USA with his trusty and talented friend Teddy Brown, and it is very very good indeed. His previous album which I believe is Platinum in NZ was released in USA by Baria records a month or two ago to much acclaim.

Anyone can say goodbye is already jumping up the charts in New Zealand in it's first week of release, and the first single "Now the sun is out" is getting plenty of airplay.

Greg and Ted are currently touring NZ promoting the new album, and are due back in the USA to begin a rigorous touring schedule that will bring them much success.

If you are in the USA buy "Here comes the caviar" from Borders or

If you are in NZ, take advantage of the early release of "Anyone can say goodbye" and buy it before it sells out.....

Below is a list of songs you will find on "Anyone can say goodbye". I even hear that if you look in the back cover you might see mention of ME?

1. California's Fine
2. Anyone Can Say Goodbye
3. Venom
4. Now the Sun Is Out
5. Mountains
6. Horses
7. New Car Smell
8. Star Of the Show
9. Maybe Your True Love
10.When the Rain Comes

Keep up the good work Greg and Ted.......

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