Sunday, June 03, 2007

Democratic US Presidential debate.

Today I watched the live debate for the potential Democratic candidates for President of the United States in 2008

The Democrats debating were:

former Sen. John Edwards

NY Sen. Hillary Clinton

IL Sen. Barack Obama

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson

Delaware Sen. Joe Biden

Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich

Former Alaska Sen. Mike Gravel and

Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd.

Firstly it was an interesting debate. It looked to me like John Edwards and Sen. Obama were overly favorable of each other. I am wondering if they already have an agreement that if one gets the nomination the other will be chosen as the running mate... That will be something to watch but I feel that if that was the case then once again Mr Edwards will be the Democratic candidate for V.P in 08.

I was particularly impressed with Gov. Bill Richardson I think you will find that the public opinion and approval ratings of him will go significantly up over the next few weeks. He seems to be onto it and has a proven track record in diplomacy having been the US Ambassador to the UN and energy having been #41's Sec of Energy. His is also Hispanic and may well attract the all important Hispanic vote. Only thing he said that I though was un apt was was to put pressure on China re the situation in Darfur Sudan and threaten to withdraw the US athletes from the Olympics in China if they don't do so...

John Edwards failed to impress me. I think a little too much of John Kerry rubbed off on him. He seems a little slimy a dung flinger for want of a better word and at this stage I'd like to see him drop out of the race.

Hillary Clinton seems to know what she is talking about and I must say her voice didn't seem to grate me as much as it usually does, but personally I am wary of her. Maybe she'd make a reasonable V.P, although she'd probably be better to stay in the senate and maybe accept a cabinet position if asked. I think it will be close when it comes to the nomination, but I am thinking that at this stage she won't be the next President of the USA. She did crack a few good one liners that got the crowd going, but we don't need a comedian in the White House.

Barack Obama is rather impressive. He does seem to know his stuff and seems to have the respect of the other candidates. I think that he may have a shot at the nomination and I would like to think that with the right advisor's he could actually make a change. Having said that there is a lot of time to go before the nominations and the election and I would think that if his opponent was John McCain, he'd loose.

Joe Biden Is a character. He is very experienced and has his definite opinions. He'd like to see troops in Darfur NOW and got rather loud when trying to get his point across. He reminds me of Howard Dean ( who I liked ) and I think he'd make a great Secretary of State but I am not expecting to see him as the duly elected President.

Dennis Kucinich is a interesting fellow. He is a Vegan, is pushing for peace, has a nice wife 31 years his junior, but he reminds me of Eddie the Eagle from the winter Olympics. He has the right idea and the respect of the people, but clearly no chance of becoming the President. He makes these debates interesting to watch, although he should stick to being a US Representative.

Mike Gavel from Alaska seemed to be a grumpy old man that disagrees with everyone else. I hope that he is not allowed to have anything more with anything to do with the Government of the USA. He should retire to a fishing lodge and enjoy his twilight years.

Chris Dodd seemed personable, but he didn't really say anything that made me think he was any better than the others. He will probably drop out of the race when the funds dry up, but will have fun running around as a Presidential candidate in the meantime.

A question was asked to all of the candidates as to what they'd do in their first 100 days in the White House.... This is what they said.

Edwards: "travel the world" and "re-establish America's moral authority."

Clinton: bring home U.S. troops from Iraq.

Obama: bring home U.S. troops and push for national health care.

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson: upgrade U.S. schools and push a $40,000-a-year minimum wage for teachers.

Delaware Sen. Joe Biden: end the war in Iraq and defuse tensions with Iran and North Korea.

Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich: help "reshape the world for peace" and end all nuclear weapons.

Former Alaska Sen. Mike Gravel: remind Congressional leaders they can end the war in Iraq now.

Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd: "Restore constitutional rights in this country."

All in all, although I don't want the next President of the USA to necessarily be a Democrat, if I had to vote for one of these candidates right now and pick their running mate i would vote this way.

President Bill Richardson

Vice President Barack Obama

That could work... I now await the Republican debate on Tuesday.


sisterflash said...

I live in New Mexico. Bill Richardson is all talk no action. We have children getting stalked by wolves here. He supports this program even after a child was nearly attacked in her front yard. No corrective action was taken. If you support children and your rights to enjoy nature and the national forest or even to live in

They will be releasing more wolves in the next year...dispersing to TX and California along with CO (which has already happened), UT, and NV is going to happen. Do you really want this man for president. I do voted for him once and never will again.

These wolves were capitive bred and do not fear man. They are denning close to homes and threating people on a daily basis.
Bill Richardson supports wolves not Children's Safety

Uzo said...

I like the idea that you brought up about Obama and Edwards possible thinking of running with one another. I was just thinking about whether or not any of these candidates would pair up after they would have attacked each other for so long. I'm also curious as to whether or not Hillary Clinton would run with Bill Clinton, assuming that's permissable.

Rob Good said...

I am not aware of the wolf situation in New Mexico. I was basing my statement on what my opinion was of the debate last night. i hope the wolves situation gets sorted.

As for Hillary running with Bill Clinton that is not going to be possible as he'd be second in line for the Presidency and due to the fact he has run his two terms that is not allowed. Neither could he be speaker of the house. I'd like to see him as Secretary of State, but I am unaware of weather that would be allowed.

Let-it-be-genocide said...

Senator Mike Gavel is the only Democratic candidate with any semblance of character and a spine. It speaks volumes when egotistic maniacs like Rob Good have the audacity to suggest that Mike Gavel be barred from anything to do with any Govt in US. The moral bankruptcy of the Democratic party is complete. Other than Mike Gavel, vile, crooked, spineless criminals and impostors constitute the entire field of candidates on the Democratic side.

I wish USA were a nation that had not lost its way so badly. I wish there were a candidate on the Democratic side worth voting for, who would actually get nominated. I wish the racist, criminal, fanatical redneck mentality that has been sweeping USA since the fall of the Soviet Union, would give way to rational thought and decency that once made USA great. I wish voters in the Democratic party would see that Mike Gavel is the only candidate in the entire field of Democratic candidates who represents a real change from the policies of George Bush and the criminality he stands for. Hillary, Barak, John, all are for continuation of the same criminal behavior and genocide that George Bush has taken to an art form.

Unfortunately, less than 1% of the people in US see that, which means US as a nation has no future, whatsoever. I'd rather vote Republican and help accelerate the eventual collapse of the US, which now seems inescapable.

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