Sunday, July 08, 2007

Formula one season update

What a phenomenal F1 season it has been so far up to the British Grand Prix in Silverstone England today.

Newcomer and rookie Lewis Hamilton with McLaren has been on all of the podiums (9) so far this year and is leading the championship in points with 70. He has won races and is re writing the record book. Ron Dennis made a wise decision in putting him in a McLaren this year.

This is what it looks like in the 2007 drivers championship so far:

01 Lewis Hamilton 70
02 Fernando Alonso 58
03 Kimi Räikkönen 52
04 Felipe Massa 51
05 Nick Heidfeld 33
06 Robert Kubica 22

It is impressive to see that BMW is 3rd in the championship points. They have some more work to do to be challenging the podium, but surely and steadily they are doing it. I'd think that by the end of the year they will be nipping at the heals of Ferrari and McLaren.

The race in Silverstone today was great. Lewis Hamilton was on pole slightly edging out Kimi Raikkonen at Ferrari in qualifying. Felipe Massa was unable to keep his Ferrari running on the formation lap and was forced to start from LAST for the race finishing 5th behind Robert Kubica of Poland in the Sauber BMW who finished 4th.
Fernando Alonso looked like he was in with a shot for the win after the first pit stops, but the Ferrari crew and Kimi's spectacular driving knocked that on the head with Kimi winning, Fernando Alonso the current world champion of McLaren 2nd and England new super star Lewis Hamilton finishing the race in 3rd position.

I have to give it to Ferrari for this race. Kimi won and Felipe came 5th. I would expect that it would have been a Ferrari 1-2 if Felipe had of not had to have started from last place.

I still think Kimi is the best driver on the grid, so I am expecting the last half of the 2007 F1 season to be even better than the first. Will Lewis continue his podium streak? Will Kimi who has won the most races this year continue his pace? Will Fernando get upset by being overtaken by Lewis and switch teams next year? We will have to wait and see.


B.C.A. said...

its such a tight race you never know what will happen. Hopefully ferrari will come out on top. id like to see more ferrari 1, 2's on the podium. Does anyone else agree???

Rob Good said...

That would be correct, along with a podium or two for BMW.

B.C.A. said...

Its a shame some of the other teams arent as good like super aguri, or spyker ferrari then the season would be even more interesting. Instead of being one or two dimentional.

Rob Good said...

BMW is good, Renault is picking up, Toyota qualified well last week. It is getting more interesting.

B.C.A. said...

we should go to the canaidian one next year or maybe think about it if your not too busy

Rob Good said...

Could do Ashton.

B.C.A. said...

you know what would make this Europeon race even more interesting. If massa finished first followed by kimi then alonso?
That would be very interesting.