Sunday, March 23, 2008

ACT is back???

It seems that ACT is beginning to prepare for a successful bid in the NZ general election which will be held later this year. Party co founder Sir Roger Douglas is back fighting for the party after a sabbatical. He and ACT leader Rodney Hide have put their previous differences apart and are working well together at once again raising ACT's profile with the general public.

Rodney is reasonably well known as the pitbull MP who went dancing with the stars and is practically half the man he used to be, having lost a tremendous amount of weight and got fit.

Sir Roger is known as a forward thinker who has a uncanny knack of commanding attention and making changes. I find it very interesting that within a couple of weeks of getting invited back and putting his hat in the ring, Sir Roger has managed to get constant write ups in the press, has the current Finance Minister making comment on his return as well as the leader of the opposition John Key.

I think that Sir Roger has the ability to stir the pot and ACT has now created an opening for the voting public of NZ for a genuine point of difference. Labour is stagnant and National is not being aggressive enough to really make a point of difference from Labour. ACT is.

I think that people of any country want the benefit at least these 3 things.

1. More available funds without high inflation. The ability to make your earned income go further

2. The ability to "Green up" and implement change to decrease environmental damage and independence of foreign oil.

3. Safety and security. Knowing that law enforcement and the government is there to protect you, your family and your country.

I am sure that any reasonable thinking voter in New Zealand, Canada, USA, South Africa, Iraq, Australia and the world weather they are left, right or independent thinking would fundamentally agree with 1-3 above. It is not too difficult to implement 1-3 above, but first you need to identify a party that is actually going to make the changes. ACT!

When taxes are lowered, it is unwise to increase spending. ACT proposes to decrease taxes which is a benefit for all legally earning taxpayers on all levels of the financial spectrum. ACT proposes (as it always has) to not increase spending from the current levels.

It always amazes me that the Green party manages to get a rather high poll rating in comparison to other parties. Most of the Green Party candidates are not necessarily the folk that you'd like to have in control of the country are they?, but some of their policies are great.

It seems that the public would take the punt on giving the Greens a taste of power if it only means that they will implement some of their policy. Well ACT is here.... ACT has a "smart Green" policy. It is not good enough just to be green, you have to be smart about it. Allowing investment in reducing dependence on foreign oil, creating energy security and economic policies that facilitate environmental innovation are good for the country and good for our response to shifting environmental threats. Isn't it best to have a party that is not only green, but innovative, economically savvy and motivated to put more of your income in your hand?
ACT could take it a step further by using Rodney's previous training and putting forward a plan that could or would allow NZ to be oil independent in 20 years using renewable resources.

Security is an important factor for anyone. It is important that changes are made to provide and supply more police who are trained correctly and are heading in the right direction. You hear of people in distress having to catch a taxi because the police are busy, people afraid to venture out at night and police failing to arrive to inspect a property when a burglary or break in has occurred, but when you go 10 KPH over the speed limit there is always plenty of police to revenue gather and give you a fine. Seems that the priorities given by the government need to change don't you think? Labour has been in since 1999.... Change is not coming from Labour.

ACT proposes change, ACT instigates change and ACT will make changes for the benefit of all voters. All it takes is your understanding, acceptance, support and party vote for ACT (with the exception of Epsom where it is important to vote for the ACT candidate Rodney Hide MP.)

It is very likely that the next PM will be John Key which will be a boost for NZ. But you wouldn't necessarily give the keys to your new Holden with a full tank of gas to a learner driver who may not bring it back the same way you were hoping for. You need to have a trust worthy guardian with the driver and if John Key and National are the driver, then it is in the best interest of you the owner / voter to have ACT as the guardian. Do your research.... if you like what you see join, support, donate and vote ACT.


Heine said...

Rob, another excellent post. Sir Rogers reappearance has given ACT supporters a huge kick in the ass and everybody is getting into it.

Good points about the Green policies. We used to have the Progressive Greens in NZ who were right of centre and yet they were outsmarted by the Red Greens. NZ is sitting on potentially a shedload of oil and energy and the last thing we need is the Red Greens acting as the moral guardians of this.

If we put their candidates and MPs on TV with ACT MP's and candidates, the public would realise the Greens are mad.

TonyC said...

Hi Rob, ACT really needed a shot in the arm. You're quite right about the Greens, but the scary thing here is not when people don't vote -- it's when people who aren't even thinking realistically are using their voting power. But, I suppose that's democracy. My main concern? Security. Yes, the cops (or lack thereof), but of late, the proliferation of mindless, psychotic acts of violence, and again the lack of support for victims. Plus the lack of serious consequences for offenders, who do get away with it. Including taggers (don't get me started with that). Not a single party appears to have done anything regarding sensible sentencing. The laws and sentences here appear to be geared for a country where "people just...don't do that sort of thing." Well, they do now. This isn't 1963.

Dave said...

Douglas is bring the NZ family back to 1947, not 1963.
Rob, Ive done my reasearch and ask how is Act going to assist low income familes if WFFis scrapped, and replaced by nothing of equivalence.

David Norton said...

hey there,great post. i've got a couple of questions about act though, because i'm not sure i want to vote for them. (i mean, i do want to vote for them, but need to know more!)

do act support gays being able to adopt children???

what is acts position on the prohibition of drugs like marijuana, ecstasy and similar???


Heine said...

Dave 1, You're wrong about Sir Roger. I have read this from you on many blogs but I have yet to figure out why it is wrong to make the first $20,000 tax free and how you have now decided to swallow the WFF policy?

It's hardly radical and creating a tax free threshold is wonderful new for people on low incomes.

David N. Yep, ACT supports the individual rights of the individuals so gay parent adoptions I am 99.9% that we support.

I am not too sure on the drug policy as some of the party is more liberal than the official policy! The best thing about ACT is that you can email Sir Roger or Rodney and they can tell you personally. It has been good seeing both of them contribute to the discussions on Kiwiblog.

Anonymous said...

Actually Heine, both issues are conscience, so there is no party position. The two current Act MPs I would think are in favour of gay adoption, but opposed to the wholesale legalisation of illicit drugs.

Dave said...

I have always been a supporter of WFF. However I`d like to see those on higher incomes be made ineligible.