Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Political Buffoons?

You tell me??? If you can name the folks and their party affiliation and country I will be impressed.


Aaron Bhatnagar said...

This is an impressive list of buffoons, Rob.

Rod Blagojevich, Illinois Governor, Democrat, USA
Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, President of Iran
Keith Ellison, Minnesota Democratic Congressman, USA
John Edwards, Fmr South Carolina Senator, Democrats
Dick Hubbard, Independent, Mayor of Ak City 2004-2007
Hugo Chavex, Bolivarist, President of Venezuela
Larry Craig, Republican Senator, USA
Winston Peters, NZ First Leader
Judith Tizard, ex MP for Auckland Central

Rob Good said...

Very close Pablo, although I can confirm that # 4 is incorrect.

Paul said...

where is Helen

Cactus Kate said...

Testament to the others that Judith Tizard has possibly caused the least damage!

Anonymous said...

yeah those canadian leaders are just weird.