Thursday, January 15, 2009

President George W Bush's final address to the nation.

This is a briefing of President Bush's final address to the nation this January 15th 2009. He still has 5.5 days to serve as President before President Elect Barack Obama takes the reigns.

The happy looking President said...

It has been an honor.

Best wishes to the President Elect and Obama family, thanks to Dick Cheney, Presidents family and the American people.

September 11th was talked about. He said that every day he had a security briefing to make sure it didn't happen over his watch. He mentioned the increase of Federal agencies also created and strengthened to make USA strong. USA has gone 7 years without another terrorist attack.

He thanked the Military and their families. His highest honor has been serving as their commander and chief.

Every taxpayer is paying lower tax.

Funding for Veterans has almost doubled.

Thanked his supreme court appointees.

Setbacks.... He would have done some things differently. He followed his conscience.

He made tough decisions. We may not have agreed with them.

Gravest threat is another terrorist attack.

We must resist complaitancy, must keep resolve and not let down our guard.

Must rejest isolationism.

If America does not lead the freedom the course will not live.

Good and evil present in the world. There must be no comprimise between the two.

Must speak out for justice and truth and piece.

In the toughest time we lift our eyes to the broud horizon ahead.

He brought some honored guests who he mentioned and spoke of.

We have faces danger and trial and there is more ahead.

USA will never tire falter or fail.

There has been good days and tough days.

Blessed to represent USA and honored to be a citizen of the USA. "

Finishes with a standing applause.

A very nice final speech. Wish the President the best in his retirement.

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