Thursday, February 19, 2009

Obama visits Canada

#44 took his first International trip today since taking office and visited Canada. It is a tradition for the US President to make his first International trip to Canada although #43 GWB broke that record by visiting Mexico first instead.
It is time for stronger US-Canadian relations and between PM Harper and President Obama I think it can be done. Canadians tend to have a slight negativity towards the USA somewhat like NZ and Australia, but when push comes to shove it is time to get over that as both countries are interdependent in many areas.
It looks like an agreement has been made between Canada and USA about clean energy. Afghanistan was talked about, as that is a touchy point for the Canadian people, and further energy sharing was discussed.
Last time that there was true leader friendship between Ottawa and D.C was with the 4oth President of USA Ronald Reagan and 18th PM of Canada Mulroney, they were great friends. I wonder if a bi-partisan friendship will be created with the current leadership?