Monday, May 10, 2010

President approval rating and Charles Djou.

President Obama looks to have a less than 50% approval rating since November 2009. For someone that was sure getting voters excited in 2008 that is a big loss of steam. Wonder what is going to happen in the upcoming elections? Will the Democrats stand firm, or will the Republicans step it up a gear and take some blue seats?

Charles Djou in Hawaii is interesting. He is a Republican who is running for Congress in a Democratic State ( been so since joining the union ) and is in strong contention for the seat.

I think Scott Brown may have started a trend?


Andrew said...

Scott Brown has done a lot of photo shoots. I wouldn't be surprised if he was caught in a scandal like Elliot Spitzer or something along those lines.

Rob Good said...

Glad you brought up Elliot Spitzer. The previous Democratic Governor of NY who was forced to resign for indiscretions is missing politics and I hear he is trying to make a comeback. How is that for comedy?
It is beyond me why any public figure (or anyone) would think they can get away with fooling around on their loved one. Could it be ego, or idiocy, or something else?

Andrew said...

Power seems to attract temptation. But now Elliot is in the same boat as Richard Worth - he doesn't have to pretend to be a nice guy anymore and can just be himself.