Friday, January 21, 2011

Aaron Bhatnagar. Botany selection.

The selection for the National Party candidate for the Botany by-election has been narrowed down to 5 people chosen for their merits and potential.
My choice for candidate, if I was able to vote in Botany for the National candidate, would be former Auckland City Councilor and strong National Party member Aaron Bhatnagar. I have known Aaron for over 20 years, he has the ability to follow through on his promises, get things done, work with all parties and make things happen.
Aaron not afraid to get stuck in, will be able to start work straight away and is a great speaker who knows policy and what he is talking about. Aaron will prove to be an excellent representative of the National Party for the people of Botany shall he be selected.
The smart choice for Botany is Aaron Bhatnagar.

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