Friday, December 09, 2005

NZ's biggest home in my old town?

According to the NZ Herald, a Coatesville house estimated to cost $30 million is being developed by interests associated with the founder of the flourishing Chrisco Christmas Hamper Club. I was brought up in Coatesville, a lovely area which had dairy farms, gravel roads, and lots of horsie girls...... Now it looks like things have changed.

Richard Bradley, in his mid-50s and a British migrant who lives on the North Shore, is in a group building what is thought to be New Zealand's largest house, on Mahoenui Valley Rd north of Albany. I wonder if it is the same Richard Bradley that immigrated from UK and sent his kids to Coatesville primary in the LATE 80's. They also lived on Mahoenui Valley Road, but sold up due to business problems I think. Looks like things turned around for the better.

Despite his apparent wealth and global business, Mr Bradley has never appeared on the National Business Review Rich List, which has a $25 million minimum. He started the Chrisco business in Britain in 1978, has been here since 1992 and runs Chrisco in Canada and Australia. If they have been here since 1992 it is not the same folks unless there is a mistake by the journalists.

New Zealand's most expensive house sold is at Boatshed Bay on Waiheke Island. Mark Hotchin, who heads finance company Hanover Group and is a part-owner of the NZ Warriors, reportedly paid $13.8 million for the house this year.

Dozens of tradesmen have been working on the Coatesville house. The site, shielded by high stone walls, has an arbour of mature palm trees, tennis courts, a maze garden, ponds and a large pool.

My parents owned a real estate company in Coatesville called "Good Realty" for many years. My mother once sold a 10 acre block for a record price on Mahoenui Valley Road. It was approx 1990, and she sold the prime block for $312,000. So things change. Have to add another zero or two to move to Coatesville now.

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