Sunday, February 05, 2006

Superbowl Sunday.

It is superbowl Sunday here in USA. It is nearly a national holiday with people planning who they will be with and where they will be the watch the big game. Advertising is actually watched during the game as the companies put out their best ads of the year at a cost of about $2,500,000 for 30 seconds.

Today the Seattle Seahawks play the favorites the Pittsburgh Steelers in Detroit. I am hoping that the Seahawks win.

The Rolling Stones are entertaining at half time and there is bound to be a few budweisers consumed throughout the country.

Go the Seahawks.


Rob Good said...

Looks like the Steelers won... HMMM.

Warren Warrender said...


I'm not surprised.

Pittsburgh play a great 3-4 and you notice they jammed the Seahawks' receivers and rushed very well on them.

The Seahawks were also their own worse enemy and then gave the Steelers the opportunity to run out the clock.

ENd of the day, too much finesse not enough substance.

With the Patriots at full strength next year, they are my pick.