Monday, February 27, 2006

Reagan Presidential Library

I went to the Reagan Library again yesterday. I had not been there for nearly 2 years and the place hase doubled in size.

The most interesting exibit other than the Oval office is the Boeing 707 with tail # 27000. This plane was used as Air Force One from February 1973 with President Nixon aboard. It continued to be used by Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, GHW Bush, Clinton and Dubya until the Reagan Library received it in a decommissioning ceremony on September 8th 2001.

The plane was disassembled, trucked to Simi Valley, and reassembled, put together by Boeing and released to th public on October 4th 2005.

It is beautiful, and I must say as I boarded the plane and walked through, I certainly felt that it was a lot smaller than I had expected. It was fantastic to have the opportunity though. If you are ever in LA and you are a fan of President Reagan and or airplanes, this is the place to go.


Mike J. Stark said...

that sounds brillent mate, if ever the chance I will definately take the opportunity.

Rob Good said...

Good good. I have been there 3 times, and it gets better all the time. Nixon's is down in Orange County...That would be a n interesting trip too.

Warren Warrender said...

Gosh Reagan is all class. I bought a book recently outlining the presidencies and history of all 43 presidents. You can just smell the charisma and you can't beat his Hollywood smile.

I haven't been there but when I'm in California I will certainly be visiting there!!!

I'm surprised though that they used such an old plane as Air Force One. Though isn't the definition of Air Force One when the president is aboard and theoretically any plane could then become Air Force One??

Rob Good said...

That is correct Warren, although there is certain planes that are used only by the President and his cabinet. The 707 was first used by Nixon in 1972... It was retired in 2001. remember that these are dedicated planes, and have low hours...They are also maintained more so than necessary therefore last longer. The new plane is a 747-200. It took so long to prepare the plane for the US Air Force that it totally missed the Reagan administration.

3C passes said...

I'd really love to see Nixon's one. That would be worth a visit.

It must be a real opportunity to get to go inside those planes.

Rob Good said...

Certainly was fun....

Anonymous said...

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