Friday, August 25, 2006

Distinctive holiday homes

Today at 6am EST the web site for Distinctive Holiday Homes was launched. Distinctive Holiday Homes is a top class property club that makes for truly spectacular vacations.

Visit the site:


Cactus Kate said...

Good to see you have been actually doing something the past 18 months Robbo.

One would think from reading your blog that you are an international jetsetting playboy.

B.C.A. said...

haha looks like i didnt get the first comment this time.....RATS!!!!, how did the deal go anyways?


Rob Good said...

Well most of the traveling has been associated with the Club, but if that is the impression people get, then?

Mr Zog said...

Howdy from Texas

Where is the pic of the Brat

I'm trying to build a model and want to get the details right.

Nice blog glad to have you in the states