Friday, September 01, 2006

Beaver Creek Colorado

I am taking time to review the renovations on the home Distinctive Holiday Homes owns here in Beaver Creek Colorado. The house is about 7000 sq feet and is complete with 6 bedrooms, 7.5 bathrooms, a media room, pool table, spa pool and a couple of steam rooms. The renovations took about 4 months and the house is looking great.

Last night after I arrived here from Los Angeles, I noticed on the news that the terror threat for internal flights within the USA had been increased... I am glad my flights were trouble free, other than a bit of turbulence over the rockies before landing.

Beaver Creek is a magnificent place, the skiing is great, the dining is great, and it is really peaceful here. During the summer months there is golf course which is utalized regularly by the golfers in the area.

If you get the opportunity join Distinctive Holiday Homes and visit Beaver Creek.


-B.C.A. said...

How was your buffalo burger? and how is that luxarious house your staying in.


Rob Good said...

It was not a burger it was a steak and it was good. Luxury does not have an a in it Ashton.

B.C.A. said...

Don't say ashton , why thats not my real name. its B.C.A.


Rob Good said...

What does B.C.A. mean then? HAHA

????? said...



Anonymous said...

Shut the hell up who cares what u think ya stupid kiwi