Saturday, November 04, 2006

Borat #1 movie in USA.

Forget the predictions that people somewhere wouldn't "get 'Borat'", Sacha Baron Cohen's raucous comedy.

The movie literally swamped the box office on Friday night. According to figures from, "Borat" took in a whopping $8.925 million on just 800 screens, with a per screen average of $10,663.

"Santa Clause 3," starring Tim Allen, took in only $5.4 million, yet it played on 3,458 screens.

This should put to rest all the predictions based on "tracking" that "Borat" would not be a superstar performer at the box office. The funny thing will be to see all the so-called experts who anticipated the comedy's failure suddenly taking credit for its success.

At this rate, "Borat" should take in around $30 million for the weekend. Next Friday, it expands to 2,200 screens, and then the box office will be limitless. The government of Kazakhstan will have just a few days to suddenly embrace the fun, as "Borat" could wind up grossing $200 million to become the biggest comedy of all time.

I like....


Rymann said...

Unfair contest. You would have to hold a gun at my head to make me watch any of those Steaming Pile of Santa movies.

I hear there is talk of a class action lawsuit against Tim Allen, who apparently touched several of the reindeer inappropriately. Or I could just be making it up.

Rob Good said...

It grossed over $27,000,000... Way to go Borat. What is wrong with the Santa Movies Ry? Was he bad to you?