Monday, November 27, 2006

John Key is the new leader of National

John Key the National MP for Helensville is now the new leader of the NZ National Party. The Deputy Leader is now Bill English who had a stint as Leader before Dr Brash, and understands that he will probably never be Leader again.
The National Party list shows Dr Brash as # 3 and it appears that he has taken over the caucus Responsibilities of Spokesman for the Security & Intelligence Service and Spokesman for Relationships with Non-Government Parties. He is also on a select committee in relation to Security & Intelligence.

I wish the National Party well and I expect that they along with strong coalition partners like ACT will be in the position to win the next election.....


Andrew said...

Key/English make a good line-up. I can see them being popular at the next election.

Rob Good said...

Maybe although they are not to staunch with their opinions... They are moving very close to the center. I hope that all works well for them.