Monday, March 19, 2007

Airbus A380 lands at LAX

This morning, the man commonly known as the Triple Johnson and myself ventured to the end of runway 24 R (I think) at LAX by the world famous In " N " Out burger to watch the Airbus A380 land for the first time in USA.

The plane is rather large and is about 8 stories high. It is capable of carrying over 500 people in it's double decker layout, and is due to hit service sometime this year with Singapore Airlines first.

The landing was interesting. It certainly has a presence mid air and was quieter than the UA 747-400 which landed shortly before the A380's arrival. The actual landing was a bit ruff, as it landed somewhat sideways reminisent of what I have seen at the old Hong Kong airport.

There was a couple of hundred people waiting for teh arrival, and it was interesting to see the LA bomb squad cruise by with sirens blaring. Just what you want to see out of your window as you land at an airport.

These are the photo's I took............


Rymann said...

Yep, the threshold of 24 Right is next to In n Out. I still say the 747 is nicer looking, especially the 400.

If it aint Boeing, I aint going :)

Rob Good said...

I am particularly looking forwards to the Boeing 747-800 passenger version. I certainly prefer to fly Boeing.