Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Helen Clark and George Bush. A picture I like.

New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark (Labour) and US President George W Bush (R)

It is nice to see that Helen made the effort to come the the US to visit with the President and Secretary of State. It is important that NZ has good relations with USA and visa versa.

A US free trade agreement for NZ would be a brilliant outcome from this meeting, but I am not holding my breath. A order for 10 or 15 F16 or F18's for the NZ Air force would have been nice too, but we'll have to probably wait for National and ACT to get in power for that. Maybe Helen invited George to NZ after the APEC in Sydney this year? Will he go to NZ? Time will tell.

I notice Helen is wearing slacks again..... It's not like Bill is still President, why does she not dress up a bit more?


Rymann said...

Are those cowboy boots he is wearing?!


Rob Good said...

Good spotting Ry.....

Andy Moore said...

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