Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cr. Bhatnagar considers retracting his comments

Further to my post below about Cr. Aaron Bhatnagar making the statement that a future development in Orakei looks like "East Germany by the sea". I have noticed on his blog that he is considering retracting his comment for this one......

"If Paris Hilton and Mohammed Al-Fayed were locked in a room and told they were not to be released until they had co-designed a set of apartment blocks, then the garages for the fleet of pink Bentley convertibles would probably look a little like what is proposed for the end of Orakei Rd."

While this is certainly not a compliment in any sense of the word, his comments may well raise peoples interest in the project as something that are worthy of a pink Bentley convertible to reside at?

It does appear that Miss Hilton drives a blue Bentley GTC........

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