Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Giuliani and Edwards end their race for President

Former NYC Mayor and previous Republican front runner for the Presidential Elections, Rudy Giuliani is to end his quest for the Republican nomination today. He is set to endorse Sen John McCain of Arizona. He seemed to put all of his eggs in one basket in campaigning hard in Florida while ignoring most of the other states in the Republican Primaries. He needed to win Florida to get momentum for super duper Tuesday next week. He didn't win Florida, John McCain did. Maybe there will be a job as Attorney General in the McCain Whitehouse for Rudy? This leaves Former Governor Willard (Mitt) Romney, Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and Sen John McCain as the serious contenders with Rep. Ron Paul hanging in there like relatives looking for a slice of the inheritance.
Former Senator and VP Candidate in the 2004 elections John Edwards is dropping out of the Democratic run. He has not won any States to date and is bowing out graciously. No word on who he will endorse, but I am having a suspicion that it may be Sen Obama. Time will tell, there is a 50% chance that I am right. This leaves Sen Obama and Sen Clinton as the two Democratic candidates duking it out to become the Presidential nominee.
Super duper Tuesday is going to be an interesting day in US Politics. Anything is possible.

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