Tuesday, June 17, 2008

On Holiday in Europe

I am currently situated in Corsanico, which is in Tuscany in Italy. It is very nice here. I am staying the www.d-h-h.com house here with my family and friends. (Not a free bee). It is very nice here with about 2 acres, a pool and guest house, spectacular views and even a cherry tree ripe for the picking. I am also particularly impressed with the BMW X5 diesel (Just like Pablo's) which has plenty of power and lasts about 400 miles on a fuel tank. Bring on the BMW diesels in the USA. I flew in yesterday from Glasgow in Scotland where I visited cousin Derek and his lady and twins. The twins were very well behaved for nearly being 2 and the haggis and irn bru, which is a favorite of mine, tasted just as good this time as it did 7 years ago, even better.
Here for another couple of days, then a quick stop off in Munich and London then back to Los Angeles for my friends Kristin and Scott's wedding. What a fun week.

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