Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Star Trek the movie (2009)

I had the opportunity to preview the new Star Trek movie last night at the Paramount Studios.

James T. Kirk, the USS Enterprise and Spock were in full effect. This is a brilliant movie and I would expect that when it is released tomorrow it will gather quite a following.
There is an all star line up including Karl Urban a fellow Kiwi, Winona Ryder ( who I didn't even recognize ), Chris Pine who did a brilliant job as J T Kirk, Zachary Quinto who made a stellar appearance as Spock and .................... best of all Leonard Nimoy who put the ears back on and came back as his original but aged character from the original TV series.
I was not much of a Sci- Fi fan, but this is a movie that makes me want to become one. There is humor, originality and it is not unfathomable. I recommend you go to the cinema and watch this movie twice.Live Long and Prosper