Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Why crush the boy / girl racers cars?

I was reading today on this article about a new law which will enable councils to crush car of excessively naughty boy and girl racers.


Firstly, if these naughty racers are driving cars which are blatantly not legal for the road and they are in an area which is known for illegal racing, then confiscate the car, take the racers license and get them in front of the judge FAST within the month.

Most of these racers are harmless and are simply just trying to drive around town, showing off their new rear wing, wheels and lowering kit that ruins the cars handling and makes them look ridiculously foolish.
It is the buffoonish behavior from one or two (normally intoxicated or insane) that cause harm to others. Those folks need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. The naughty racers normally have spent most of their money on souping up their horrendous looking vehicle and can't afford to pay any fines. No problem, take the car and put it up for auction ( not to be purchased by the perpetrator) and put the sale amount ( if any ) towards driver education programs and any previous outstanding fines. If the car does not sell then dismantle is and part it out or donate it to the local schools / Poly tech automotive departments for training up and coming apprentices.

Why crush with no one getting the benefit of the buffoonery?

A fine means nothing to most of these folks if they really do not get in trouble when they break the law. Give the Police the power to catch the naughty racers, give the courts the ability to move fast on the prosecution and don't give a car back to ANY driver until all fines are paid.

Fines for broken indicators, expired warrant / rego ( within a week ) and small and possible innocent problems should be low and they can be annulled with the owner of the car showing up to see the oversight has been fixed.

A person that has been caught 3- 5 times for having no rego / warrant, drivers license, spinning wheels, spreading diesel etc should be treated differently with a harsher penalty. A bit of time in a cell and a bit of hard labour as well as a bit of ridicule. How about every idiot looking vehicle that is impounded is inspected by a professional on tv who takes the mickey out of the modifications Top Gear style. The owner would be required to explain why they think the modifications are important and why they think recklessly spinning the wheels in a populated area makes them a bigger person. The naughty racer who proves to be the biggest idiot via online vote will get an extra 6 months of license suspension and will provide some comedy to the viewing public?


Andrew said...

Boy racers are a public nuisance. Their noise and behaviour is a real problem for many good, law-abiding families. I think this is a good move.

I gather that with this new legislation only a few cars will ever be crushed - ie the serial offenders. And while it may be wasteful, they strip the car first of its valuable items and sell them to covers the offenders fines and then crush the car/ego into a lump of trash.

Rob Good said...

Well that is the idea Andrew, NOT to crush a perfectly good vehiucle that can be stripped of parts / sold to cover expenses. To simply crusha working car is a bit wasteful.

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