Friday, October 21, 2005

The Tuaman back in action in USA.

It has been brought to my attention by Todd A. J. Bidois who is in USA to support the fighter, that this evening, David Tua will make his United States return when he meets Cisse Salif on a pay-per-view card promoted by Cedric Kushner. The fight is at the new Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida. It marks just the second fight over the last two years for the Samoan (Kiwi) strongman. Best he wins and then flys out of there before Hurricane Wilma hits and uproots everything.

Tua, who is 32 years old, has been involved in a long and bitter lawsuit with his management team back home in New Zealand. That was the primary reason for his inactivity. He was asked earlier this week what he had done during the time off.

"I was washing dishes," the heavyweight said. "I thought I did a good job. My wife didn’t think so. She told me, ‘Now go out there and fulfill your dream and become heavyweight champion or I’m going to hit you with a frying pan.’" Funny how the ladies always seem to wear the pants.....

Now when it comes to weight between the fighters for tonights match up, that is an issue. Tua who is 5 ft 9 and 1/2 inches tall, expects to weigh about 240 pounds for the return bout ("The time away has seemed to put more beef on my thighs," he said), but at times he’s weighed more than 250. Salif, who has a 17-4-2 record, is 6ft 4 and will likely scale 265.

So it is not going to be a push over for Tua to win, but I guess if he pretends that Salif is his previous manager then it will be a fight that goes down in history.

Go the Tuaman.


Rob Good said...

Tuaman won by points....Congrats.

the hulk said...

man sole its been a long run with out you in the silver screen. my faith is still high no matter what. ignore all the crap that been coming out of everybody mouth.they was brave typing the thougts but we i know they wont say it in front of your left and right. any ways enough with the haters and focus and remember where you came from. aight!!! or imma come and give your wife a frying pan thats big and so hard it will feel like them left hook you been using on your opponent. sheeeeee!!!! hoooooo!!!! from the masina family from sacramento.