Thursday, March 02, 2006

New US $10 released

The new US $10 note was issued on March 2, 2006 and is the latest in the new series for U.S. currency. The new series began with the introduction of the $20 note on October 9, 2003, and continued with the $50 note issued on September 28, 2004.

The combined efforts of public education, law enforcement, improved security features and public awareness have all kept counterfeiting of U.S. currency at low levels. Current estimates put the rate of counterfeit $10 notes in circulation worldwide at less than one note for every 10,000 genuine $10 notes in circulation. Most counterfeiters tend to copy the old $100.

The new currency designs will help stay ahead of counterfeiters, who are turning increasingly to digital methods, as advances in technology make digital counterfeiting easier and cheaper.

In the past decade, digital equipment has become more available to the general public, and as a result, the amount of digitally produced counterfeits has risen. Since 1995, digitally produced counterfeit notes have increased from less than 1 percent of all counterfeits detected in the United States to about 52 percent in 2004.

The new $10 should be in my hand in less than a week......


Warren Warrender said...


Any chance that someone like Ronald Reagan will get his picture on US currency??

There seems to be a gap in the last 50 years with a lack of monuments to honour some of these great men.

Rob Good said...

Well Ronald Reagan got an aircraft carrier and a stamp last year.... It is probably too soon for him to be on the cash, although a good idea.