Sunday, April 30, 2006

Mat (Snapper) Clark comes to LA

A friend of mine from NZ Snapper came up to LA for a couple of days. We did a bit of a tour and yesterday we went to the LAX gun range and hired some 9mm H&K and Beretta pistols. That was fun, Snapper isn't a bad shot although as you can see by the following pictures he can look a bit scary at times... The gentleman running the gun range certainly kept a close eye on him, but we made it out of there alive.

Me with H&K and Beretta 9mm pistols

Snapper with the targets after shooting.

After the gun range we went to California famous In 'N' Out burger which is strategically placed along one of the landing runways at LAX. Managed to snap a 747 at about 100 feet coming in from somewhere far away.

747 coming in for landing

All in all a good time. I just dropped Snapper off to San Pedro so as he can take a cruise ship to Mexico for a business trip. He will be back next week for another night, so I am sure that there will be more stories to tell......

It may have all been a little too much for Snapper?


Anonymous said...

Nice photo of the 747 mate !!!

Burgers sound nice too, but how do they match the good ol kiwi cusine of gourmet meat burgers.


Rob Good said...

In N Out is a bit of a legend. Not really like the NZ burger but good all the same. The chips are great too....

Rymann said...

Hey Rob next time try the sig 226, I really liked that gun.

I prefer the Beretta over the H&K, was surprised a little at that, I thought it would be the H&K for sure.

I think the guys at the range are sure all kiwis are demented gun nuts. Every kiwi I know that passes through here goes to the range :)

Rob Good said...

It is a great place isn't it. We'll have to take D there one day. I like teh glock 9mm myself, but the Beretta was my preference over the H&K.