Friday, April 21, 2006

Rumsfeld vows NZ-ban review

It looks like US Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld has had a meeting with NZ Defence Minister Phil Goff. It seems that Dr Don Brash was also in the vacinity. During the meeting Donald Rumsfeld acknowledged that it made sense where we are working together if there is clarity and transparency about the rules in regards to the US ban on military exercises with NZ which was executed in 1987.

Mr Goff also suggested to influential analysts and officials present for his address to the US National Defence University yesterday that NZ would welcome to its shores the return of most US surface ships, since all are conventionally powered except for aircraft carriers.

This is good news, especially if Donald does something about it..... I guess it is common knowledge that the US does not hold nuclear weapons on their surface ships these days. The real nuclear machines are the submarines.

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Andrew said...

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Rob Good said...

Well hopefully all is good now. Maybe you need to allow popups on your computer? Check your firewall too buddy.