Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Beaver Creek Colorado rocks

I had a great 5 days in Beaver Creek Colorado. I was there with a friend and business associate from New Zealand. The company that we are involved in owns a magnificant newly renovated 7000 sq foot home there and I was there to check that the renovations were completed. The home is magnificent and has been transformed.

While we were there, we found time to visit my favorite French restaurant in Vail called The Left Bank. It has phenominal food and wine. I thoroughly recommend it.

The first day the temperature rose to 83 degrees F which is about 27C. That is a big change from January when it was minus 18C on my day of arrival. The mountains were beautiful and the golf course looked very inviting. Pity I am not a golf pro (yet).

The week before there was 3 brown bears on the property, one of them was a cub. I wanted to see them, but we only managed to hear them from a distance.

Upon leaving Eagle Vail Airport, I counted no less than 13 private jets lined up. While we were flying over the rockies, I decided to listen to a bit of John Denver on my ipod. That was a mistake, as as soon as he got into chorus the plane hit violent turbulence. I then remembered how he died and changed the song. It smoothed out after that.

Upon arriving at LAX airport, I only counted 12 private jets... HMMM.

A good trip.... If you want to buy a spectacular home in Beaver Creek for US$5,995,000 let me know.

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