Saturday, May 06, 2006

Guns and Roses touring in 2006

It looks like Axl and the boys from Guns and Roses are about to get on the road again and do some touring this year. Great news, especially if they follow through with all the dates and don't pack it in like has happened in the past. I am sure that Axl and the band are motivated and ready to preform, therefore the fans will overlook the past just to see them live again. I would like to go to one of the NY concert next week, but alas they are sold out. I will have to wait for them to play in Los Angeles or somewhere a little closer. It would be great if they could put their differences aside and the remainder of the original band reform (Slash etc). That would be legendary, although I am sure that as long as Axl is the lead singer, G'N'R will rock.

I am looking forwards to the new album coming out sometime soooooooon.

Rock on Axl. Rock on Guns and Roses.


Rymann said...

A little night train apertif sir?

Rob Good said...

Wlecome to the jungle... Isn't that a song about LA?

Craig of Melbourne said...

Yes it is.

Greatest concert i've ever been to. Skid Row opening.

What a waste they'll never properly reform. GNR still isn't the same without Slash, etc.

Rob Good said...

I agree Craig... I am sure that Axl knows that though.... Velvet Revolver was reasonably popular last year, all they need is AXL to sing.

hamish said...

Remember R'TOTOs Rob.... club nerd every Thursday night! Sweet Child of mine... love that song.

Rob Good said...

R'Toto's rocked buddy... Is that place still around?