Saturday, May 27, 2006

Schumacher's dodgy pole in Monaco

It seems that 7 times F1 world champion Michael Schumacher has caused controversy upon messing up the qualifying, by having a bizarre virtually impossible crash, while in poll position for tomorrows race in Monaco.

It seems that both Alonso and Webber were behind Schumacher on flying laps that were quicker than him when Schumacher made a sudden move and stalled on the track without damaging his car. This brought out the yellow flags and the flying laps by the others were not valid. Therefore Michael Schumacher held onto pole.

Jacques Villeneuve has lashed out at Schumacher mentioning that anyone who would have such lack of control of his F1 car to get in such a position does not deserve a F1 superlicense. Jacques said that he wouldn't even expect that sort of driving from Ide who was recently dropped from Super Agri and had his super license taken away. Michael Schumacher has been known to pull dodgy tactics in the past......

DO you think Michael purposely caused the incident? I wouldn't be surprised.

UPDATE: Naughty Schumacher sent to back of the grid. News here


Mike J. Stark said...

I was enjoying watching the racing and listening to the commentators fast talking about how Alonso and webber were flying around the track then it cut away to schumacher who was flying till he hit that corner and messed and and we saw his car immediately stall but agree that the call was an awful truth to hear.

Rymann said...

This wasn't an accident. Remember the deal with Barrichello having to slow down so Schumacher could take the leaders points? I'm sure this was team orders too.

Its the F1 equivalent of an under arm bowl.

Rob Good said...

I agree Rymann. He still did well in the race though picking up 5 points and starting from LAST.

B.C.A. said...

theres no one better than micheal schumacher no one