Friday, September 01, 2006

Apple Ipod 60GB

I took the liberty of purchasing the new black 60gb Ipod from Apple the other day. The ipod mini that was given to me by a friend for a best man gift decided to spit out it's battery, so I had to move fast to get a replacement before my airplane trip to Colorado.

I am amazed on how good the video function is. I downloaded to itunes for a low price of $1.99 a meet the press clip of Ronald Reagan in 1966 when he declared his Republican candidacy for Governor of California. The clip was great and although it was black and white the presentation was magnificent.

Now I downloaded an episode of Jackass and Punk'd both in color which I will view on the way back.

The battery is meant to last 20 hours, but I will confirm that later, and it should hold about 15,000 songs, so I am impressed.

I wonder what Apple will think of next?


-B.C.A. said...

those look pretty interesting, my ipod is a 20gb and its black and white no color what so ever. what does that one do.


Rob Good said...

As much as a mp3 player can do at this stage...

TonyC said...

The iPod may have its competitors now, but none of them has succeeded where Apple did -- the creation of an icon. For as long as quality does not falter (or not to a considerable degree), it'll keep its spot. Though I haven't been following the news, I wonder whatever happened to the surface material problem that plagues the iPod Nano.