Sunday, December 24, 2006

(D) Sen. Obama getting some serious attention.

Two weeks after speaking to a sell out Manchester crowd of more than 1,600, Illinois (D) Sen. Barack Obama is reaping the benefits of his visit. If the Democratic primary were held today, Obama would be in a statistical dead heat with New York Sen. Hillary Clinton, according to a new Monitor poll. Last month, a Monitor poll showed Clinton trouncing her opponents, with Obama lagging 23 points behind. That is some serious advancement... It will be an uphill battle for him as Hillary has some great name recoqnition, but hey 2008 is going to be an interesting political year for sure.

"I'm not surprised, because Barack Obama got five days of constant media attention in New Hampshire," said Jim Demers, a lobbyist and former Democratic lawmaker who accompanied Obama throughout the senator's New Hampshire visit. "Obama has demonstrated to the people of New Hampshire that he's a top-tier candidate."

Although Clinton commands considerable support among likely Democratic primary voters, she struggles in general election match-ups, according to the poll. If the contest were held today, both Arizona Sen. John McCain and former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani would prevail over Clinton. Obama, in contrast, would eke out a slight win over both Republican candidates. Former Democratic vice presidential nominee John Edwards is neck-and-neck with the Republicans. Very interesting indeed. Maybe it will be John Edwards and Hillary Clinton, of John Edwards and Sen. Obama as VP nominee?

"There are a lot of independents. These are the same people who loathe Bush, loathe the Iraq war," said Del Ali, president of Research 2000, the Maryland-based nonpartisan polling firm that conducted the poll for the Monitor last Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. "But deep down, they don't like Hillary Clinton." That is a very realistic comment.

As the 2008 presidential primaries near, the Republican field has also become increasingly competitive. Giuliani closed the gap with McCain in recent weeks, turning an 8-point deficit into a slight lead, according to the poll. Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and former House speaker Newt Gingrich trail behind, with 10 percent and 8 percent respectively. The poll shows Giuliani garnering 26 percent to McCain's 25 percent.

Ah American politics...Love it.


Cactus Kate said...

That's our boy Obama....

eNew Reference said...

It's crazy to think that all of the amatuer pundits are already talking if the primary is tomorrow. A republican challenger has a good enough change as any in this stage in the race.

Howard Deam crashed from within, but their could be the unknown candidate that emerges to the top of the pack.

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Anonymous said...

The only way I can see a dem candidate losing the election is if they are caught raping a blind puppy at a Nascar race while wearing an "Allah Rules" T Shirt...

Rob Good said...

I think that the GOP has a better chance than that Anon.... Dems won't be so lucky. They will still have to work for the White House.