Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Got milk?

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Hoping to stir up thirst for milk, officials have installed advertisements in several San Francisco bus shelters on Monday that give off the scent of freshly baked cookies. How nice would that be unless you are hungry and there is no cookie or milk store around?

The technology that creates the scent is very similar to that used in magazine ads. Scented adhesives are placed throughout the interior of the bus shelters, including under the benches.

"As long as they are not harmful chemicals, it's OK," one somewhat confused elderly woman said as she pondered the cookie smell in one of the shelters. "They are trying to sell milk? Is that it?"

The effort at five bus shelters is part of a campaign cooked up by the California Milk Processor Board, whose iconic "Got Milk?" campaign has adorned famous figures from around the world with milk mustaches for 13 years.

While olfactory marketing has long been a staple of perfume companies in magazines, Jeff Goodby, chairman of the San Francisco-based ad firm Goodby, Silverstein & Partners that created the campaign, said he knew of no other completely outdoor campaign. I wonder how long the cookie scent will last?

I think it is a tease as there is nothing like the smell of baking cookies, and there is nothing more annoying than smelling freshly baked cookies and not being able to have one, or two.......HMMM


Rymann said...

Yet another reason why ad execs will be among the first to be executed when I win the 2017 Presidential race.

Rob Good said...

You'd go down in history...LOL

TonyC said...

Hey, maybe they could do that here -- could it possibly keep bus stops from being vandalised if they're too busy feeling good? (On second thought, it could make them rob the nearest bakery at gunpoint)

nouchema said...

Hey hey hey,

come to FRANCE to see what we do with our bus shelters
and if you speak french you can understand that smell doesn't do anything to change our comportement !



Rob Good said...

I am not to good on the French...Sorry..

stef said...

now what a smart girl guide would do, would be to set a stall very close by the ad

Rob Good said...

That is a good idea Stef....