Sunday, December 24, 2006

Gov Schwarzenegger breaks leg.

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger broke his leg while skiing with his family Saturday morning in Sun Valley, Idaho, a spokesman said.

Schwarzenegger, 59, was taken to a hospital for X-rays and was discharged with a fracture to his right femur, said Adam Mendelsohn, the governor's Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications. Looks like he needs to slow down a tad. Cant't have him out of action for too long. He is doing a great job.

He will have surgery to repair the bone when he returns to Los Angeles, Mendelsohn said. The governor remained at his Sun Valley home Saturday night and still planned to spend Christmas there.

No one else was involved in the accident, Mendelsohn said.

The fracture was the third medical problem the governor suffered in a year.

He spent several hours at a University of California, Davis, hospital last December with a rapid heartbeat after coming down with a stomach flu. In January, Schwarzenegger needed 15 stitches to repair his cut lip after colliding with a car while riding his Harley-Davidson motorcycle in Los Angeles.

The Sun Valley Resort, a favorite skiing destination for celebrities, includes a short ski trail named "Arnold's Run" after Schwarzenegger. The trail is categorized as a black diamond, or most difficult, for its challenging terrain.

The name and level of difficulty of the trail the governor was skiing when his accident occurred were not released.

Get well soon Gov.


Damian said...


not sure if you have seen it but the trailer for the new Die Hard movie has been out for a little while -

Looks good!

Rymann said...

Oooh, did you see the part where the Terminator blows away the Predator while skiing down the mountain? Its awesome - Bruce Willis is all "hasta la vista" and Chewbacca is all "Rwwwaaaaawwlllllll" and it turns out that Yoda is John Connors Father.

Rob Good said...

You must have some inside knowledge Ry??? :-)