Friday, January 26, 2007

Rodney Hide MP, human torpedo?

Rodney Hide ACT leader and Epsom MP is to put his body on the line again for a good cause.

Rodney has taken up open ocean swimming as his latest crusade, and I must say it is something that requires determination and control. Nothing worse than a lung full of salt water as you are thinking of JAWS while you are half a kilometer out to sea.

Today about 10am, Rodney Hide MP will launch himself, along with 450 other swimmers, in the 2.8km Sovereign Open Ocean Swim from Wellington's Freyberg Pool to the Pt Jerningham lighthouse and back.

Rodney expects to make it in one hour fifteen, and has been training for the last couple of months.

"I was not much of a swimmer until I was challenged to do this. I am now much better and fitter and I am having so much fun."

The highlight of open ocean swimming for Mr Hide is a new perspective on the surrounding harbour. "It is amazing how much different everything looks when you are a few hundred metres offshore at wave level."

"If I get a prize ($1000 for 1st), I will donate it to St John's," Mr Hide said.

Whatever ambitions he may have of transforming himself into a human torpedo may likely be extinguished by elite swimmers like Commonwealth Games gold medalist Moss Burmester, silver medalist Dean Kent, and elite New Zealand squad representatives Helen Norfolk and Melissa Ingram.

Good on you Rodney and good luck, you can do it.

*** Rodney made it in one hour two minutes. ***

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