Monday, January 01, 2007

Seabreacher by Innespace

This is a cool dolphin type watercraft that I found out about today made by Innespace. It even uses some good US military technology as the canopy is from the new F-22 Raptor. The three-quarter-inch thick solid polycarbonate canopy is more than strong enough to withstand hard inverted landings. This machine as well as looking like a dolphin, can preform dolphin type stunts..... It looks really fun

The SeaBreacher Dolphin is powered by a Atkins 13B rotary marine conversion engine. The engine is lightweight (300lb), compact (basically a 2 foot cube), and generates 175 hp, a 240hp supercharged version is also available.

Keeping SeaBreacher afloat and totally water tight was a top priority. Both the cabin and engine bay are sealed watertight with the aid of pneumatic aircraft seals. Three independent bilge pumps are also on board, should a rogue wave swamp the interior while driving with the canopy open. The hull contains enough floatation to keep the hull afloat and upright, even if fully flooded.

Innespace is a design and fabrication company, dedicated to the creation and demonstration of submersible watercraft. Rob Innes from NZ and Dan Piazza from the USA founded Innespace in 1998.

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