Thursday, January 25, 2007

This week in Los Angeles.

I started the week by going to Squaw Valley in Tahoe to check the property owned by I met with the concierge who looks after the clients and managed to get in a couple of hours skiing. I was very impressed with myself as I did not fall over once. Having said that I was skiing pretty basic slopes, although the last time I skied was August 05 at Coronet Peak, and the time before that other than the Albany Ski slope was Whistler / Blackcomb in 1989.
I have decided that I will be doing some more skiing from now on, so it it time to do the correct exercises at the gym so as my legs don't turn to jelly next time.

On the Democratic side Senator Barack Obama and Senator Hillary Clinton have both thrown their towels in the ring for the 2008 US Presidential race and John Kerry tearfully said yesterday that he will NOT be contesting the race (good call). It appears that currently Hillary is 19 points ahead of Barack.

To date Senator John McCain and Rudy Giuliani on the Republican side are looking good although we are all waiting for Guiliani to officially state that he will run for Pres in 2008 although it does seem very likely. Senator McCain is slightly edging out Mayor Giuliani.

I spent a day getting my January advertising sent out to my Keller Williams Realty Santa Monica clients. It is a good time to buy property in the Los Angeles area at the moment. The interest rates are still low and there is some great properties available.... If you are looking to buy property in Santa Monica or Greater LA, let me know.

Both Rage against the machine and Crowded House have reformed and both with be playing at Coachella music festival in LA in April.... Best I get my tickets.

A Russian was caught trying to sell 4 ounces of pure weapons grade uranium 235. That is NOT a good thing as that is not what we want to get in the hands of some hell bent dictator or terrorist who will push the red button.... Time to further step up the control and dismantling of nuclear weapons... This is a dangerous situation. Was the Uranium from Russia or Georgia and how much has this guy already sold?

I have the CEO of Distinctive Holiday Homes and the gentleman hired by the company to set up 5 and 6 star resorts arriving in LA today for a quick stop over. We have to look at properties and organize some paperwork, so busy busy.


Rymann said...

Albany Ski Slope! Got some great burns there from skiing the plastic fantastic.

Rob Good said...

No doubt....