Tuesday, August 19, 2008

ACT party list. Beryl Good #20

ACT has released it's party list today. It looks good although #5 is still blank. It will be interesting to see who fills the position.... Rumors persist that it may be Sir Bob Jones, Richard Prebble, Muriel Newman or another wildcard. It seems that the spot was for Kenneth Wang but he is looking to contest Botany against Pansy Wong.

It is also nice to see that my Mother Beryl Good is #20 on the list. She is actively and diligently canvassing for the Party Vote for ACT in Rodney District and is working hard to get the message across that a Party Vote for ACT will make a difference.

All the best to ACT and National in this coming election. Together they can truly take NZ to a new level..... It is time for change.

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Mike J. Stark said...

Most definately time for a change in Government.