Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Who will Obama chose?

While my support is behind John McCain for the 2008 Presidential elections, it is going to be a close one and probably one of the most exciting US Presidential elections in quite some time. Sen Obama is a charismatic person who can make a great speech. He is admired and if he is to be elected President in November ( John will win ), I'd like him to choose someone as V.P who I think would be good at the job. The rumor is that he will be making his choise tomorrow morning and I'd be impressed if he chose Sen Biden. Lets see what happens.


Anonymous said...

I saw McCain interviewed by Rick Warren. About abortion, he said life began at conception. So if a 50 year old woman is violently raped and gets pregnant and then has an abortion, John McCain would put this woman and her doctor in jail for murder. I find McCain's attitude repulsive. And what does he care about life, he's so pro-war.

Mike J. Stark said...

To Anon. I think that comment is justified but a little over exaggerated. The comment made was a personal opinion that 'Life begins at contraception' which naturally it does or you wouldn't be around to type such a comment. I cant comment on McCains remark as have not seen the interview merely responding to the above comment by Anon. I get tired of the abortion issue as the only answer they want to hear is a clear Yes/No, while I don't personally believe in Abortion I do understand that their canbe at times be extenuating circumstances.

Rob Good said...

Hello Anonymous. If you like to hide behind alias names that shows a little bit about your ability to be bold and assertive.

The Republican Party currently holds the Executive Branch of the US Government. It is not illegal for a lady to get an abortion in any state of the USA from my research. John McCain actually believes that it should be up to the individual States to make the decision on that and not the Executive Branch.
Did you hear John McCain say what you are quoting? No you didn't because you have no clue on his policy. I understand why you posted as an anonymous person as you are very ill informed.
McCain is not pro war. I am not sure that there is anyone out there that is. Do some research and get back to us.
This post was about Obama and Biden.