Monday, August 04, 2008

ACT gaining momentum!

According to the latest Roy Morgan poll ACT NZ and Labour is up in the polls, with NZ First and National losing some support. These polls are not 100% accurate and don't sample a large amount of people, so it's not time to make presumptuous suggestions as yet. But if the positivity keeps going for ACT, then there is a very good chance that ACT could be the backbone for National after this coming election. Now that would be a step in the right direction for all New Zealander's.


Pablo Honey said...

One poll showing a minor increase to 2.5% does not momentum make.

An old man who hasn't had an erection for four years is not Casanova because he gets a small woodie for 5 minutes when sitting at home all alone.

Should ACT maintain an erection, excuse me, maintain a poll result at 3% or so for the next few polls, then yes, they can claim to have some momentum beyond being just a one man band.

Mike J. Stark said...

Act catches my Vote