Wednesday, September 24, 2008

John McCain suspends Presidential campaign.

Sen John McCain has temporarily suspended his Presidential Campaign to get back to Washington and fix the financial situation that has occurred in the USA. He has asked for the Presidential debate this Friday to be postponed and he has called upon Sen Obama to join him and get this problem sorted in a bi-partisan way before Monday. This is a bold move and I hope both Presidential candidate Senator's can work together to make a difference in this bad fiscal situation. John McCain (and maybe Barack Obama) putting the people first.


Craig of Melbourne said...

Obama has rejected the offer, and instead wants the debate. This is without a doubt the smartest political move i have seen for awhile from McCain. Not only does he look presidential and in control and running things, but now Obama looks even worse for not agreeing. In fairness it was always a stunt, and Obama was doomed both ways, but still, the lesser of the evils would have been to agree. Although again, the view would be that McCain was in control. Shrewd move Mr McCain, smooth move.

Andrew said...

McCain is avoiding the public and making a mockery of democracy. He or Obama is about to become one of the most powerful men in the world and he won't talk to the people about this financial meltdown. That's just plain old bad leadership.

He also wants to move Palin's debate. He doesn't do press conferences - it's been over 40 days since the last one. Palin doesn't do press conferences at all. And now he and she don't do debates. That is really bad politics. It's the type of thing you do when you're weak and trying to hide it.

He's supposed to be a hero, but he doesn't have the guts to face Obama. Nor does he have the confidence in Palin facing Biden.

Rob Good said...

McCain has been saying anytime anywhere with Obama and nothing has happened till now. McCain is stronger in International policy which the debate was to be about and was expected to excel in this. McCain is in Washington as is Obama and they are both due to meet in the Oval office in an hour to discuss this very very serious financial situation with the President. McCain has suspended all political spending and is not politicking at this time. McCain realizes the problem the country will be in if this is not sorted out acceptably and I think Obama does too. This financial situation is more important than a debate although I would like to see them sort this out (which will be a hard call) within the next 24 hours and make the debates.