Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Zealand Elections November 8th 2008

The New Zealand Election has been announced as November 8th 2008. This is an exciting time for NZ. Give your National Party Candidate the Electorate vote and ACT your Party Vote.
If you are in Epsom Electorate Give Rodney Hide ACT leader both votes.
You can make NZ a better place after November 8th 2008 with ACT and National.


Andrew said...

Hi Rob,

Actually, I think I might give my party vote to National and electorate vote to Rodney Hide.

Mike J. Stark said...

Definately Vote ACT. thats my personal opinion only as its the only govt party that makes any sense and their policies are in line with where I want the country to head.
Rob, if ya mom wants a hand I'm willing to pitch in and do what it takes to make it happen.
Probably a stretegic move to push the ellectoral date back but feel it will only do them more harm down the line.

Rob Good said...

Cheers Mike... Your offer for help for ACT and Rodney District is much appreciated. Give Mum a call.