Monday, September 29, 2008

Dow Jones drops -777.68

That is the biggest drop in the Dow ever I believe. Someone will make lots of funds when it pops back again. Crude oil also dropped and the US$ made gains. Very unusual day.


Andrew said...

Interesting times. Hope it smoothes out quickly.

I wonder how good speculators are for the economy with all their hysteria. Warren Buffett suggested a 100% tax on all profits for trades held for less than one year. That would instantly makes the markets stable. Then the punters can go to the race track and play there and not jeopardize the welfare of nations.

Rob Good said...

That is because Warren Buffet tends to keep his stocks for the long term. That would effectively be tinkering with the free market and I don't think the idea is a good one.

Jake Heke said...

All you fullas better get it sorted out, or someones gonna get the bash.

I'm Jake The Muss, and I approve this message.