Sunday, November 02, 2008

Lewis Hamilton F1 World Champion 2008

It came down to the last corner. It looked like Massa was about to be World Champion thanks to some brilliant driving by Vettel in the Torro Roso overtaking Hamilton to put him in 6th and out of contention. When all of a sudden on the last corner Timo Glock of Toyota slowed to let Hamilton past and Hamilton won the championship but only just.
I do feel sorry for Massa.... He truly deserved it... Maybe next year.

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Craig said...

Massa actually never deserved it, the only reason he was still in contention was b/c of the dire situation with the stewards this year. He DID however nearly deserve to by virtue of having a great year and winning hte most races. And even in defeat he was graceful, maybe something Alonso the most ungracious person to sit in a car could learn from.